Friends are Leaving Germany Soon

Goodbye February and hello March! It is also like saying goodbye friends and see you in the other part  of the planet! People come and go! Friends come and go as well and good friends always remain friends despite the long distance in between. Sad to hear that some friends will be leaving soon!

These friends are married to US armies and their  families are  temporarily assigned here in Germany. I already met a lot of friends in one of the US Army base in Bavaria. Everytime  they go, I really feel sad. But that is life and if you are married to a US Army, you have to go where the next call of duty is for your husband. (more…)


Musicians at the Fasching or Carnival in Germany

The Fasching or Carnival season is almost ending. It’s last day will be on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I was watching on TV a Fasching celebration in Cologne this evening. It was really fun and entertaining.

Every village, town or city in Germany has its own way of celebrating the Fasching festival. Whether big or small, I always love how they celebrated. I believed, I am already loving this German culture.

Musicians at the Fasching or Carnival Parade in Hemau, Bavaria.

I already witnessed some carnivals in Germany. It might not be the big ones like in Mainz, Duesseldorf or Cologne but I love it.  (more…)


Celebrating Weiberfasching in Germany

Today is the celebration of Weiberfasching in Germany. No wonder, after my doctor’s visit today, as I went grocery shopping, most of the women in the stores I went into were wearing carnival costumes. The workers at the clinic were also wearing costumes of various kinds. I realized that the Fasching celebration in Germany is currently going on and today is the special celebration of carnival for women. If you want to know more about this celebration, feel free to click this link about Fasching in Germany.

Women wearing Chinese costumes during a Carnival Parade in Dietfurt, Germany. (more…)


Another Year of Living in Germany

How have you been guys? Wow, I can’t believe that we are now in the middle of the first month of 2015. How’s your first days went on this January? I hope everything is just doing fine for all of you out there. As for me, I am still alive and kicking. lolz!

I am welcoming 2015 gladly. It is another year of living an expat life in this beautiful country of Germany. This is where I found my second home. Life here is not maybe perfect but I am thankful that this country has offered me a lot of good things. There are too many to mention. Most of all, this is a perfect place where I started my travels and adventures in Europe. Its perfect location somewhere in the middle of this continent has helped me a lot in starting to explore the fabulous beauty of Europe.

One of the highlights in 2014 was my vacation in the Philippines and visited so many islands, towns and cities. One of it is this world-famous Boracay, an island in Aklan Province. It is among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife. Iits beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies worldwide. (more…)


How to watch German TV worldwide?

This is a very interesting topic especially to all my German friends who love to travel and for those who want to watch German TV wherever they are in this planet. Let me share this story first. I have been traveling with German tourists the past 4 years. For example, during that holiday I had with a group of Germans in Budva, Montenegro last year, many were asking if there are German TV channels in that 4-star hotel we stayed in. I know most of them love to watch Football and the news in German language. Sad to say, most TV channels are in English.


I  believed this problem can be solved now and the good news is, there is a company like who can provide such services. German TV provides TV service from the German TV Company, who is a pioneer in digital television. Wherever you are around the world, you can already watch over 90 of the most popular German channels in digital quality. (more…)


Searching for Christmas Market Trips in Germany

I am back here! I can’t imagine I was away here for a decade. Life is sometimes so busy. Now, I am really very busy like never before. This is the effect of having a full time job. When you come home after work, you are already tired and all you want to do is relax. I cannot also relax that much because there are also a lot of offline tasks  or home chores to do. Thanks to technology for providing me its invention like the washing machine or oven. I can bake some foods while doing some online tasks and so with laundry. I am just done with 2 loads of laundries tonight. I am working the whole weekend  but I also see to it that I do some home chores during these days.

Christmas Market in Regensburg, Bavaria in Germany

Back to the main topic folks! I am glad that my first vacation leave for this year was approved. I got the confirmation yesterday.  (more…)


Missing the Live Music in a German Festival today

Hello folks! I am back here again. How are you doing? I hope everything went fine for the month of August. Some more hours and another month is almost coming. I hope that your August turn-out great over-all.

Inside the beer tent during one of the Volksfest or funfair I experienced in Bavaria, Germany.

How’s your weather now?  Ours is not really that friendly. It seems that summer is almost ending in our area. In fact, it is raining at the moment outside and some of my plans for today did not really happened. I was planning to go in an Asian buffet just to eat some seafoods. (more…)


Germany’s Football Team Continues to Dream to be the World’s Champion

I cannot imagine how many millions of people around the world watched the match between Germany and Brazil last Tuesday, July 8, 2014. I wished good luck to my team Germany in this previous article. It was a very exciting and breath-taking game that I stayed until dawn watching it. Until now, I still cannot comprehend how did it happened. Brazil’s  foot all team are also world class and they really play good. Sad to say, they lose  the  game  against  Germany during the semi-finals held at the the Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Germany’s players against Brazil last July 8, 2014. Sorry  for the blurry picture. Thanks to ARD  TV for this.

Someone told me that Germany always win against the host-country and this time, they did it again and their dream to be the world’s football champion continues.

During the first 18 minutes of play, Germany already did 5 goals. Thomas Müller did the first goal and was  followed by Miroslav Klose. It was his 16th goal at a World Cup, surpassing Ronaldo as the all-time World Cup top scorer.   The Deutsche National Elf (German National team) made an over all 7 goals winning against Brazil who has only  1  goal.  (more…)


Germany Versus Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2014

The FIFA World Cup fever is still going on and the game is about to begin! Tonight at 22:00 ECT, Brazil and Germany will match for the World Cup semi-final 2014. I know for sure, millions of people around the world especially those who are football fanatics, will surely watch the game. Tonight’s game will be held in game at Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte.

Thomas Müller, 24 years old, who made 3 goals during their first game against Portugal.

Sad to say, it is currently raining in Bavaria, Germany. There are many towns and cities in this country who will have public viewings. I am hoping that the rain will stop before the game begins. There will also be live streaming in the internet or you can watch it  live in your  television channel, if it is available. I am glad we have one. (more…)


Lufthansa Pilot Strike 2014 Almost Over

Frankfurt airport is quite not so busy since the Lufthansa’s pilots’  strike   started last April 2. I heard this news over the  radio a lot of  times and also read it on  German local newspapers. I also watched some news about  the  3-day strike of  Lufthansa’s pilots in the television. It started last April 2 and will end April 4, 2014   at  midnight.  The said strike is said to be over  early retirement of the pilots. (more…)



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