Missed the Fun in Oktoberfest This Year

Hello October! Cold autumn is finally here! How are you doing guys especially during the start of the month? It is getting cold in our area in Germany. I guess, it is all over Germany especially that autumn season is almost here. It is getting colder everyday, which means it is time to slowly turn-on the heater. So far, I am doing good and I can’t wait for the next travels to commence this week.

Oktoberfest is over now. I miss the fun and entertainment in this festival. Today, I heard over the news over the radio that there were less people who visited the world’s biggest fair compared to the past years. There were only 5.9 million of people who were there. It is my fault because I did not go..lol! Just kidding folks. Anyway, I am always busy and besides my full time job hindered me from going there. (more…)


The Biggest Festival, Oktoberfest is Here Again!

Have you been to the largest Volksfest or festival in this world? It seems like last month when I visited the biggest festival in the planet. If my friend did not reminded me last Thursday that Oktoberfest will be starting today, I don’t have any idea about the exact date that it will start.  This is the result of my busy life not trying to find out about this year’s Oktoberfest dates and programs.

This year’s celebration will takes place from September 19 to October 4.


I already visited Oktoberfest many times and I am always fascinated with this celebration. Honestly, I never tasted any beer during one of my visit but I only tried different local delicacies.  (more…)


Volksfest or Festivals are Going on Around in Bavaria

It is finally summer! Today was quite a nice weather in our area. The sun was shining but it is not too hot since the breeze was gently blowing. Summer time is the best time of the year to visit Germany especially the region of Bavaria, where you can witness a lot of this so-called Volksfest or people’s fair or simply called festival celebrated even by small towns up to any big cities in Bavaria. (more…)


A true friend of travelers; Movavi Screen capture studio

CP.Mars-EG.06.03.15.png2Hello friends. This is your favorite blogger back with something really interesting this time. Today I will tell you about a brilliant video recording software. All of us love travelling and some time or the other each and every one of have a dream of going to some happening place and get lost in the beauty of the nature. After all whenever one gets devastated with his or her daily life, he or she feels relaxed in the nature’s lap and it works always. Apart from this, it’s always a great idea to go to a holiday with your loved ones whether they are your friends or it may be your family. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and they should be enjoyed at fullest. Holidays and traveling experiences always leave us with sweet memories and these memories tend to wipe from our memory with the passage of time. Hence it becomes mandatory to capture these memories and save it so that they could be cherished and be shared with our friends and acquaintances whenever required. (more…)


It’s Party Time in Boracay

Hello peeps! It feels good to be backed here. I apologize for my absence for so many weeks. Life has really been so busy the past months. Besides, I just returned from my recent travels. I still don’t have the appetite to do anything because that recent vacation is still haunting me.


The beautiful fine white-sand beach in Boracay.

More on that, I miss the fun and party in one of the most beautiful beaches in the planet. This is located northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region in the Philippines. It is famous worldwide and it is called Boracay. (more…)


Spring Visit in Forchheim, Bavaria

Hello people of planet earth! I wish I am in planet Mars today  but still nothing compares living in this great  world with all its beauty! I am just kidding folks..

I can’t believed that the first quarter of the year is almost over soon. Two more sleeps and I can officially say goodbye to March. I guess, the earth is rotating so fast because it can’t wait for my next adventure. lol!

DE. Forchheim.DSC_7513
The Rathaus or Town Hall of Forchheim. This was built in 14th–16th centuries with decors by Hans Ruhalm in 1523. In the middle is the Osterbrunnen or the  Easter Fountain.

Anyway, before I sign-off for tonight and before March ends, let me share my day-trip in this beautiful town of Forchheim. This former royal city is located in Upper Franconia in northern Bavaria. This region is known as the “Gateway to the Franconian Switzerland”. (more…)


Friends are Leaving Germany Soon

Goodbye February and hello March! It is also like saying goodbye friends and see you in the other part  of the planet! People come and go! Friends come and go as well and good friends always remain friends despite the long distance in between. Sad to hear that some friends will be leaving soon!

These friends are married to US armies and their  families are  temporarily assigned here in Germany. I already met a lot of friends in one of the US Army base in Bavaria. Everytime  they go, I really feel sad. But that is life and if you are married to a US Army, you have to go where the next call of duty is for your husband. (more…)


Musicians at the Fasching or Carnival in Germany

The Fasching or Carnival season is almost ending. It’s last day will be on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I was watching on TV a Fasching celebration in Cologne this evening. It was really fun and entertaining.

Every village, town or city in Germany has its own way of celebrating the Fasching festival. Whether big or small, I always love how they celebrated. I believed, I am already loving this German culture.

Musicians at the Fasching or Carnival Parade in Hemau, Bavaria.

I already witnessed some carnivals in Germany. It might not be the big ones like in Mainz, Duesseldorf or Cologne but I love it.  (more…)


Celebrating Weiberfasching in Germany

Today is the celebration of Weiberfasching in Germany. No wonder, after my doctor’s visit today, as I went grocery shopping, most of the women in the stores I went into were wearing carnival costumes. The workers at the clinic were also wearing costumes of various kinds. I realized that the Fasching celebration in Germany is currently going on and today is the special celebration of carnival for women. If you want to know more about this celebration, feel free to click this link about Fasching in Germany.

Women wearing Chinese costumes during a Carnival Parade in Dietfurt, Germany. (more…)


Another Year of Living in Germany

How have you been guys? Wow, I can’t believe that we are now in the middle of the first month of 2015. How’s your first days went on this January? I hope everything is just doing fine for all of you out there. As for me, I am still alive and kicking. lolz!

I am welcoming 2015 gladly. It is another year of living an expat life in this beautiful country of Germany. This is where I found my second home. Life here is not maybe perfect but I am thankful that this country has offered me a lot of good things. There are too many to mention. Most of all, this is a perfect place where I started my travels and adventures in Europe. Its perfect location somewhere in the middle of this continent has helped me a lot in starting to explore the fabulous beauty of Europe.

One of the highlights in 2014 was my vacation in the Philippines and visited so many islands, towns and cities. One of it is this world-famous Boracay, an island in Aklan Province. It is among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife. Iits beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies worldwide. (more…)



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