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Let me tell you first a story of my sister in the United States. During her first year in the U.S., she want to learn how to drive. Her husband owned a Cadillac. I just forgot the model but that was a nice and big car. People are just so lucky in the States because anyone with professional driving license can teach somebody to drive. Here in Germany, you really need to go to driving school and spend thousands for your driving license. My sister’s husband was the first one to teach her how to drive. Unluckily, my brother-in-law trusted my sister so much. She let her drive alone after only some hours of driving. As my sister already want to park inside the garage, banggggg!!! She hit the corner of the garage because of stepping the break, she stepped on the accelerator instead. The Cadillac which she used for driving practice was totally wrecked in front. What a pity!!! Finally she decided to go to a driving school and had her driving license now. She also have a second hand car now. Hopefully, when she can save some money she will buy a new one since she already worked now in a Health care center as a Nurse.

I believed, I can recommend to her a very good site if she want a new Cadillac to replace the damaged one. New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA is especially dealing Cadillac cars for all kinds of models. Whether you want a new one or a second hand Cadillac, they have it all. All you just need is to search for any cars that best fit for your need. I also tried to make a search as I visited their website. Well, I just found out that the price are very competitive.

Cadillac being luxury cars in the United States and Canada are of very good quality. If you are looking especially for Cadillac cars, I would also like to recommend their site to you. All you just need to do is identify the type or model of car you want that best fit for your need… fill-up their search form and bingo, you have everything you need!! Drive safely!!!

We are a proud unit of the Sutliff Auto Group. The Sutliff family has been providing outstanding service to Central PA for over 75 years. Sutliff Chevrolet has been at 13th and Paxton St in Harrisburg since 1931. Saturn of Harrisburg was the first Saturn dealership anywhere. There are now 5 area Saturn locations. Sutliff was chosen among a select group of GM dealers to begin the HUMMER franchise in July 2002, and is now proud to present Cadillac as well. Our goal is to make every customer completely satisfied. We work hard to make your Cadillac experience satisfying.

If you are within 50 miles of Harrisburg you owe it to yourself to check out the incredible inventory of new Cadillacs at Sutliff Cadillac in Harrisburg, PA.

No matter what model of new Cadillac you want, we have it, or we can probably get it for you.

If you want the best value in a luxury sedan, a new Cadillac DTS give you uncompromising comfort along with the power and responsiveness you’d expect from the world-famous Northstar System.

When you want the ultimate sport sedan, a new Cadillac STS gives you more torque and a tighter suspension to put you in control of any driving environment. When you’re driving a new Cadillac STS, there’s no doubt who’s boss.

If you’re looking for a mid-size sport sedan, a new Cadillac CTS combines luxury with the Cadillac tradition of performance in a great looking package that rivals the more expensive imports at a more affordable price.

Do you have a family that needs stylish, roomy transportation? If so, then a new Cadillac Escalade is just what you need to shuttle around town. A new Cadillac Escalade is perfect for business or pleasure.

If you need a roomy but more compact vehicle for work or play, a new Cadillac SRX may be just what you’re looking for. The Cadillac SRX is a luxury crossover SUV aimed at family-oriented buyers looking for an upscale, convenience-laden vehicle that’s fun to drive.

Want to really make a statement? A new Cadillac XLR Roadster will turn heads from the country club to the upscale restaurant valet. Though it shares the same platform as the Corvette, the XLR variant is more of a grand touring machine than a hard-edged sports car, as the new Cadillac XLR’s responses are softer and comfortably refined.

Cadillac is a brand of luxury vehicles, part of General Motors, produced and mostly sold in the United States and Canada. In the United States, the name became a synonym for “high quality,” new in such phrases as “the Cadillac of watches,” referring to a Rolex or an Omega.

Cadillac helped to define advanced engineering, luxury and style early in Automotive History and would come to be known as one of the world’s finest made vehicles. Precision manufacturing of truly interchangeable parts was an award-winning industry first in 1908. Cadillac was the first manufacturer to release cars with a fully enclosed cab as factory equipment in 1910. Standard electric engine starting and lighting was another award winner for 1912. Cadillac introduced the first production V8 engine for the 1914 model year. Cadillac was the first manufacturer to utilize the skills of a designer to produce a car’s body instead of an engineer (1927). This gave the public a car that looked as good as it performed. Cadillac’s engineers were first to design a manual transmission with synchronizers for increased drivability (1929) and were instrumental in the early development of the automatic transmission, beginning in 1932. Cadillac offered a production V-16 engine from 1930 through 1940 and introduced the production independent wishbone front suspension in 1934. The marque introduced tailfins for 1948. From the late 1960s onward, Cadillac offered a fiber-optic indication system which alerted the driver of a failed light bulb.

At Sutliff Cadillac, please review our extensive inventory of Cadillac cars, and SUV’s, including the Cadillac Escalade, CTS, and STS. We work hard to get you into the vehicle you have always wanted. That new Cadillac is waiting for you, and we work with a vast array of lending sources to make sure you will get the most complete and comprehensive financial package available.


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