Christian Wulff, The New President of Germany

Last Wednesday was the election of the new Bundespräsident or President of the Federal State of Germany. According to the knowledge I gained as I visited the German Integration Course, wherein you learn basically German language and the history, culture and tradition, people, politics and basic laws about Germany, the President of Germany is elected not from the common people but from some elite politicians and selected famous, rich and prominent people of Germany. I was amazed that unlike in the Philippines wherein the President has the power over the governance of the land, Germany’s President is not.

After the third voting last Wednesday, Christian Wulff finally has the Mehrheit or the majority of the votes. He garnered 600 Stimmen or votes during the first vote, 615 votes during the second and finally on the third voting he had 625 votes which made him the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. I would to share next time the power and duties of the Bundespräsident of Germany.

Here are of the personal and political information of the new President of Germany.

Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff (born 19 June 1959) is a German politician of the conservative Christian Democratic Union. He was elected President of Germany on 30 June 2010[ and sworn in on 2 July. A lawyer by profession, he served as Prime Minister of the state of Lower Saxony between 2003 and 2010.

Early life and education

Wulff was born in Osnabrück and is Roman Catholic. His father left the family, and he grew up with his mother. As a teenager, he had to take responsibility for the care of his younger sister, after his mother developed multiple sclerosis.[4] After completing his Abitur at the Ernst Moritz Arndt Gymnasium in Osnabrück, Wulff went to study law with a specialisation in economics at the University of Osnabrück. In 1987 and 1990, he passed the first and second state examinations in law, and has since worked as an attorney.


Since 1975, Wulff has been a member of the CDU. From 1978 to 1980, he served as federal chairman of the Schülerunion, a political high school student organization affiliated with the Christian Democrats. From 1979 to 1983, he was on the executive board of the Junge Union and became its regional chairman in Lower Saxony in 1983. However, he decided to resign from the board in order to pursue his law degree, which he completed in 1986. The same year, he was elected a city councillor in his hometown. Since 1984, he has sat on the CDU’s regional party council of Lower Saxony, serving as its chairman since 1994.

The Christian Democrats made Wulff candidate for state Premier in the run-up of the 1994 Legislative Assembly elections. However, the popular incumbent Gerhard Schröder won and secured an absolute majority in the Lower Saxony legislature, leading some observers to doubt the wisdom of the provincial party nominating a young and neophyte candidate for Premier. After four years in opposition, the 1998 legislative assembly election brought another opportunity for Wulff to become Prime Minister. Indeed, the federal Christian Democrat party, led by Chancellor Helmut Kohl, pinned their hopes on Wulff – a Wulff victory would have stopped the inevitable rise of Schröder to the Social Democrat nomination for Chancellor. However, supported by a wave of sympathy for his candidacy for chancellor in the 1998 federal election, Schröder was returned to power by an enhanced majority – leaving Wulff to serve five more years as provincial leader of the opposition.more infos here


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