Travel Tips for Businesses

Traveling for business can be tedious, especially with how the airlines work today. Instead of booking a seat when you buy the ticket you often have to wait until 24 hours before the flight. At this juncture it can be difficult for two employees to get a seat next to each other. With changes in how airports work there are security considerations to think about too. These travel tips for businesses are designed to make your business travel a little easier.

• If you can, spend a little more on your plane ticket in order to pre-book your seats. Some sites still allow you to select a seat during the purchase of a ticket, but this is not necessarily kept in the computer. You are better to book the seat when you purchase the ticket through an agent to assure you and your traveling companion get two seats next to each other.
• Traveling internationally can place certain restrictions on communication equipment. For example telecoms like VPN devices are restricted in some countries. Make certain if you need this equipment and fly internationally that you check the “imports” list.
• When traveling anywhere you should have a light travel bag that is sort of like an all purpose kit. It should hold a change of clothing, phone charger, pen, paper, and a small amount of shampoo, tooth paste, toothbrush, hair brush, and other essentials. This way if your checked luggage gets lost you have at least one days worth of clothing.
• In your checked luggage consider bringing extra cables for internet and your communication devices. In doing so you may not have to buy something extra on your trip.
• Security has become tighter at many airports. Some of these airports are very strict in what they will not allow through. Check your airport listings to ensure you have the right sized liquids and that you leave banned items at home. Prepare to take items out of your bag and your shoes off. Even on business travel you should arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of time for security.
• International travelers need to be concerned with their wallet and carrying foreign currency. You should have a place for your passport whether it is in an extra large wallet or in a money pouch. It is important that you keep your identifying documents on your person rather than in a purse. You also want to keep your passport out of the usual pockets, where it could be nabbed easily.

Following these tips you will find your business travel is a little easier. While many of these tips may seem common sense, you would be surprised at how many travelers have failed to follow them.


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