Sightseeing in Berlin: The Best Things to See

Berlin is one of the most interesting German cities to visit Two of the outstanding sights to be visited in the western sector are the famous Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the aftermath of World War II resembling a giant hollow tooth. From churches to museums to Alexanderplatz which was a cattle market during the middle ages, Berlin has much to offer tourists of all interests. It’s also affordable – you can stay in a cheap hotel in Berlin and do a discounted Berlin Tour to cover the sights in one day:

1) Brandenburg Gate

This landmark which was constructed of sandstone in the 1780s is remembered as part of the wall dividing East and West Germany during the communist regime. Many people around the world remember this site as the place where US President Ronald Reagan pleaded for the wall to be torn down. Brandenburg Gate is the last surviving of 18 portals in the Berlin Wall.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

2) Checkpoint Charlie

Many visitors remember this site as the demarcation point separating the American sector of the city from the German sector. Warnings were posted in English, Russian, French and German to highlight the danger of passage beyond this point. Today a museum has been erected to house the original white sign, along with various wartime documents. Checkpoint Charlie is now home to a number of office buildings completed in the early 1990s.

3) Holocaust Memorial

A visit to this site evokes memories of the Nazi terrorism of World War II. There is a below ground information center housing individual and family records and documents which managed to survive the war. The memorial which took 17 years to complete was constructed of gray stone slabs reminiscent of tombstones. For many visitors, the 2 staircases leading to this area invoke memories of the bombing shelters used during the war.

4) KaDeWe

Located in on the western side of Berlin, this shopping mecca spanning 9 football fields first opened in 1907. By 1926 this department store was the biggest department store in all of Europe. Ironically the building was almost totally destroyed when an American airplane crashed into it during the war.

5) Sachsenhausen

This is an outstanding example of concentration camp life during World War I and II. Built in the 1930s using slave labor, this site was in continuous use by Russia until 1950 to house Nazis and other communist resistors. It’s just out of Berlin but certainly worth a look-in.

Whether touring Berlin by double decker bus, walking or bicycle, there is something to be found to suit everybody.


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  1. I'm a Says:

    I’ll make sure na di ko toh ma miss sis. Thanks for the blog. 🙂

  2. Redruby Says:

    Berlin is such a very interesting city Sis..enjoy ur trip there! thanks for visiting here!


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