Record Your Trip- Things That You Need

I don’t know how many of you out there who are actually recording your trip or vacation. I always do. That is the reason why I have some things with me every time I travel. I also write it in my travel blogs and also sharing images from my trips. It can be hard to remember every detail after the trip but when we recorded what had happened, it is easy for us to remember almost everything. There are several items you can bring with you on a vacation to ensure that you remember as much of it as possible, even after it is over.

Journal and Notebook

Though you might be able to remember places you visited and what you did, one of the most important things that people tend to forget is how they felt as they visited a place or viewed a famous piece of history. Having a journal or notebook will give you a place to not only to write down what it is that you did, but how you felt about it. Looking back on it years later, you’ll be able to relive the same feelings by reflecting on your memories and what you wrote.

Pens and Pencils

It might seem obvious, but if you don’t have a pen or a pencil you won’t be able to record the important things during your trip. If you have some downtime during your trip, such as a bus ride or a wait for an attraction, which can be the perfect time to write things down while they are still fresh in your mind. If you buy a pen, make sure it’s a good one that lasts–one you can keep forever, like a german-made lamy pen. However, if you don’t carry a good pen or pencil with you then you may miss the opportunity to record it, and memories might fade before you can write them down.

Digital Camera

Most people have digital cameras in today’s day and age, but many people don’t take as many pictures on vacation as they should. Though you may not be able to quite capture that beautiful sunset as well as you saw it in real life, just having the picture of it will bring back your own memory of it. Photographs are also one of the best ways to let other people that weren’t there see what you experienced.


Having some sort of small folder or envelope to collect important papers and scraps of your trip is a great way to record your trip. You can save pamphlets, ticket stubs, and any other small items that you acquired during your trip. These can later be used just to reflect on the good time you had, or to use in a scrapbook or journal.

Whatever trips, holiday or adventure tours and activities you may plan to do, always remember to record it for future use.


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