Interesting Castles Not to Miss in Bavaria, Germany

If you love history and architecture, Bavaria is one of the regions to visit and experience in Germany. If you have interest specifically about castles and palaces, there are a lot to see in this part of Germany. Bavaria alone has more than a hundred of castles and palaces, big and small that varies in style and architecture. Visiting castles and palaces are only some of the things you need to experience on your Europe tours. Don’t miss to visit Bavaria, Germany and experience the path where kings and princesses walked through.

Here are some of the interesting castles and palaces not to miss in Bavaria:

Neuschwanstein Castle

The fairy-tale castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria is the inspiration of Disneyland castle. The world famous Neuschwanstein Castle is located in an enchanting town of Fuessen (Füssen in German). This caste is also called as the “Mother of all German castles”. No wonder it is visited by millions of tourists from around the globe every year.

taken during our visit last July 2011.

Nymphenburg Palace

If you want a relaxing trip to Munich, you can visit Nymphenburg palace and can find your way to the tranquil gardens of this palace. This is considered to be the biggest Baroque palace in Germany. Going to its garden is free but to enter its castle rooms especially the museums inside require an admission. The gallery of paintings of the numerous female friends of then King Ludwig is located in this palace.

The palace, together with its park, is now one of the most famous sights of Munich.

the Nymphenburg palace during our visit last August 2011.

Linderhof Palace

This is the smallest of the three palaces commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Linderhof is a smaller version of Versailles in Paris, France. It is located near Oberammergau in southwest Bavaria near Ettal Abbey.

The rooms inside Linderhof palace have amazing architecture, paintings, furniture, decorations and the like. The Hall of Mirrors which functioned like a living is one of the interesting rooms in this palace. The parallel placement of some mirrors evoke the illusion of a never ending avenue.

Sad to say, taking photographs inside the palace is forbidden.

Hermitage (Eremitage) Bayreuth

This is one of the sights not to miss when visiting Bayreuth. The Hermitage Old Palace or Eremitage was built by Margrave Georg Wilhelm in 1715.

The Hermitage with its sun temple and basin in front of it. This was taken during our visit last August 2009.

Schloss Thurn und Taxis

Also known as St. Emmeram’s Abbey, St. Emmeram’s Basilica, was a Benedictine monastery founded in about 739 in Regensburg. In 1812 the monastic buildings were granted to the Princes of Thurn and Taxis, who had St. Emmeram’s Abbey converted as a residence known from then on as Schloss Thurn und Taxis.

There are still a lot of castles and palaces not only in Bavaria but also in whole of Germany.


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