I Love All Inclusive Holiday Packages

The travel enthusiast had just arrived a week ago from her 8-days vacation in Spain. After some days of staying at home, she is starting again to find for all inclusive holiday packages anywhere in Europe or in other parts of this planet. If she can also afford it, she wanted an all inclusive holiday packages to the moon. How about that? Sorry folks, she is on the peak of dreaming to travel again. But to be honest, this is the kind of vacation that she always wanted. The main reason is, everything is almost there and you don’t need to worry anymore about the trip or holiday itineraries because someone or a certain travel agency will already take care of everything.

First and foremost, an all inclusive holiday package may include the following;

Flights– As what I just mentioned above, I just came back from a Spain trip. I would say, it was so far the best all inclusive holiday package I had this year. The flights back and forth was already included in that trip. Imagine we only paid a total of 668.00 Euros for the whole holiday package. The night before our flight, I looked at the same airline where we boarded and the flight alone cost around 450.00 Euros. This is one advantage of booking an all inclusive holiday package, you can always have a great deal.

our plane was taking-off from Munich International airport going to Madrid.

Hotels– This was also included in our trip to Spain. We spent 4 nights in one of the 4-star hotels in Granada and 3 nights in a 4-star hotel in Layos by Toledo. It was truly a great deal. The hotels we stayed-in were good and it has a free WiFi connection, free of charge.

Whilst fountains and flowing water are a common feature around the Alhambra, they are particularly prevalent in the Palacio de Generalife. An Image I took during our visit in Alhambra in Granada, Spain last Dec. 8, 2011

Meals Were Included– This is one of the best thing I love everytime I book an all inclusive holiday package. Not only you will taste the local cuisines of a certain place or country but you can also save some bucks. In short, you don’t to spend too much money for food during the duration of your trip. Breakfasts and Dinners plus a one time lunch were included during our holiday to Spain recently. I love Spanish delicacies especially the paella, tapas, seafood and so many more. This is one thing I am missing at the moment.

Paella rice and some vegetable salad in my plate. I love this food.

Trips to Different Places Everyday– We don’t need to make our own itineraries because it was also included in the holiday package. This always saves me time, effort and yes money too. Among the places we visited were Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, Madrid and Toledo during that Spain trip. I love all these places. They are truly lovely and amazing. I wish to be backed there someday or maybe in other parts of Spain.

Tourist Guides– In every places we visited in Spain, we also had a tourist guide. It is always interesting to know all the history, culture, people and facts of a certain place or region through the help of tourist guides. Not only that, we also had a very knowledgeable tourist guide that always sits with us in the bus. In every places that we passed-by during our daily trips, he always have a something or facts to tell about a certain region. He knows a lot about Spain and most of everything in this country. He is so far the best tourist guide I experienced this year.

I am hoping to book more All Inclusive Holiday Packages in the next year to come. In fact, I already have some in my travel wishlist for 2012. Wish me luck!


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