Day Trip to Weissenburg in Bavaria, Germany

After a short notice today, we decided to drive to the town of Weissenburg in central Bavaria. The weather don’t look friendly because it was very cloudy when we left. I said to myself rain or shine or else nothing will happen today. This town is actually written as Weißenburg in German and I even had a difficulty to input it in our navigator. Good to know that I had its postal code or else we will be lost. Typing the postal code of a town or city in Germany is better because sometimes there are a lot of places that have the same name. There are even Weißenburg in other states of Germany.

Since we drove on the back road which is quite slow as the Autobahn or motorway, it took us almost two hours to reach this town. One advantage of driving on this so-called Landstrasse or back road is that, you will be passing a lot of interesting small towns and villages.

Weissenburg is a historical city dating back to the Roman times. The many stages in the history of Weißenburg can still be seen today. There are many ruins from the Roman times. One of the finest is the remains of a Roman bath was excavated in 1977 and has been turned into a museum. The city wall from the Middle Ages has survived almost intact with its towers and in the Gothic Town Hall the city’s elected members have held their meetings from 1476.

Sights to visit in Weissenburg are;

The Late Gothic Andreaskirche (St Andrew’s Church; 14th-15th century)
Ellinger Tor, a town gate of 1469-1510
Late Gothic Town Hall (1476)
The Carmelite church (15th century; now a cultural center)

Also take a walk around the walls of the town where you can find a lot of historical buildings.

a monument in the old city of Weissenburg. I cannot find a name on it and the colorful and historical buildings in the background also interest me.

The imposing Ellinger Gate. taken during our visit dated Jan. 4, 2012.

the inside of the Late Gothic Andreaskirche (St Andrew’s Church; 14th-15th century).


2 Responses to “Day Trip to Weissenburg in Bavaria, Germany”

  1. aroth Says:

    Ruby—you gave me another hard one to figure out. This is a statue of the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV . You might wonder why a Roman Emperor’s statue is in Bavaria. Well, in 1322 AD Louis was losing the Battle of Muhldorf. He called upon the people of Weissenburg for help and with their help he prevailed in that battle. Sixteen years later in 1338 he had been made Kaiser Ludwig of Bavaria. In thanks for the help he had received in that battle he made Weissenburg what they used to call an ‘Imperial City’. He also deeded the forest area around the city, to Weissenburg. Some 600 years later, in 1903, the town finally got around to recognizing his generosity by holding a competition to determine the design for the fountain. In the picture that you posted, you can only see part of the fountain. The lower part, from his feet down is covered up. Probably to keep the snow etc. out in the winter time. The entire thing can be seen, with the water on, during the warmer months of the year.
    Thank you for another interesting challenge. This one took a whole afternoon to figure out. Find me another one, Art

  2. Redruby Says:

    Hi Aroth..thanks for the infos..truly appreciate are you doing? hope you had wonderful holidays and a great start of 2012! God bless!


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