Romance and Beauty in the Rhineland

The historic land of Germany is a fascinating place to visit, as regardless of where your interests lie there’ll be something there for you. From being a historic site in Roman times, to having numerous museums and historic landmarks, the combination of mystery and modernisation has a definitive pull.

One of the most enviable landscapes in Germany can be found within the Rhineland, so for couples or the romantic at heart, don’t miss out on the following attractions:

Scenery: Rhine River Valley
The gorgeous landscape of the Rhine River Valley makes it a popular destination on weekends, due to its location in central Germany. The Rhine River joins with the Danube River and provides a coast-to-coast route from the North Sea to the Black Sea, so visitors can do trips into the surroundings. While here, keep an eye out for the numerous whimsical castles that line the lush valley, enjoy the fresh air, and take note of the Lorelei / Loreley rock. Legend has it a beautiful siren sat on top of it and her mesmerising voice drove many a sailor to their death. Eventually, she could no longer stand the pain she caused others, and heart sore, she took a suicidal plunge into the waters.

Rhineland river valley. By Jetske19

Romance: Rüdesheim
Once you’ve visited the Rhine River Valley, your next stop should be the region of Rüdesheim. It is described by many visitors and locals as a living fairytale landscape, and has more than a fair share of beautiful castles, set amid rolling hills beside the flowing river. Many couples who travel here enjoy a Rhineland river cruise, paired with a wine tasting from one of the estates within the fertile valley, before going on a tour at one of the castles-turned-museums. For those who wish to spend a night within an authentic castle, the Schloss Auf Schoenberg comes highly recommended.

The famous Cologne Cathedral.

Culture and Architecture: Cologne
Within Germany’s fourth largest city, Cologne, is a plethora of museums and galleries that the culturally-minded can explore to discover pre-Roman relics and modern masterpieces. It is also home to one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in Europe. The Cathedral was dedicated to St Peter and the Virgin Mary, and work began on it in 1248, though it was only completed in 1880. Since then, it has become the most visited landmark in Germany. Interestingly, the Cathedral was the tallest building on earth until the Eiffel Tower and Washington Monument were finished.

Beethoven’s Statue  in front of the Postamt in Bonn.

History: Bonn
This former capital city was home to Beethoven, one of the world’s most ingenious composers, as well as being the present site of numerous summer festivals. While visiting, ensure you take the ‘Path of Democracy’ walking tour, which covers historical sites such as the Chancellor’s Bungalow, and the Schaumburg Palace. If you’re here from May – September, you may catch the ‘Rhine in Flames’ fireworks show, which is put on in the evenings. The brief sparkles from above drench the area in a warm glow, while enchanting those watching from the river banks.

Author Bio: Roseanna McBain is a writer for TravelGround. She has a love of myths and mysteries, and enjoys braais with friends in summer.


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