Pinay-German Blogger Made It to Scandinavia

Another travel wish came true when I finally landed in two capital cities in Scandinavia.  It was a cruise trip that made me visit the capital cities of Norway and Denmark.  Our cruise started in Warnemünde in Rostock, Germany. I and my friend Jean boarded  Aidabella cruise ship.  It is operated by Aida Cruises, a British-American owned German cruise line based in Rostock, Germany. Aidabella is a sister ship to AIDAdiva and AIDAluna.

Our swimming hotel which is the Aidabella cruise ship. ©

Our  cruise trip started last  April 28 and ended last May 2, 2013.   We arrived first in Oslo, Norway’s capital,  at   10:00 PM on April 29.   I and my friend decided to do a night sightseeing in this city. It was a night sightseeing and already saw a lot of interesting landmarks in this city.  Oslo’s City hall, the Slottet or the Royal Palace, the Akershus fortress (located near the harbor), the Storting or the Parliament of Norway, the Nobel Peace Center, The National Theatre, are only some of the sights we witnessed in Oslo. On April 29, we did our day sightseeing with the hop-on hop-off bus.

The Parliament Building  in Oslo, Norway. ©

It is very interesting to know that Philippines tanked number 11 in terms of number of minorities (1st and 2nd generation) in Oslo by country of origin per 1. January 2012 with a total of 4,968. You know what, I felt like in my home country Philippines during that cruise trip because more than 50% of the workers in Aidabella ship are Filipinos. I am proud knowing that Filipinos can truly compete in terms of labor internationally. I was so happy meeting and knowing fellow countrymen during that trip. I also heard different stories from them and the reason why they work in that cruise ship.

The famous Little Mermaid Statue at the harbour in Copenhagen. ©

Our next destination was Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. We arrived there last May 1 at around 10:00 in the morning. A day sightseeing in this huge capital city is not enough to experience everything buy I am happy and contented to visit the lovely capital of Denmark.

Amalienborg palace and the Marble Church. ©

Copenhagen is the cultural, economic and governmental centre of Denmark. We did our sightseeing by foot. We started our walk from where our ship docked and explore the city. I am glad to see some of its famous sights including the famous Little Mermaid, the Tivoli Gradens (even just a view from the entrance..also the reason why I want to go back to this city), the Nyhavn, Amalienborg palace and the Marble Church, Amagertorv square, the City Hall and more.

I could say that it way a superb cruise I had. It was so far the first long cruise  I experienced. There are still a lot of travel stories I wanted to impart but for now, I am still a bit tired from the past travels I did in the past two months. My pocket is tired as well. That is why I did not book a trip this  month but my travel will resume again next month.

More travel stories to be shared next time.  Take care everyone and have a great time!


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