Online Shopping for Musical Gadget

Life has been so easy nowadays in terms of shopping. With the click of  your mouse, you can already shop for anything at the comfort of your home. You don’t need to spend time and gasoline driving to the store or mall to get what you want. From clothing to shoes, garden tools, electronic, school supplies, sporting needs, gadgets, grocery items, musical instruments  and anything, you can already do online shopping  at home. Thanks to our modern technology like computers, laptops, smartphones and internet, we can finally do online shopping  anytime and anywhere we are. (more…)


Can’t Wait to Hear Live Bands in The Coming Festivals

What a weather we had today! Not only today but during the past three days, we had four seasons in a day. It means that we had snow, rain and sunshine. Not really a big deal because  life is still great and I can’t wait to experience a festival to come so soon. After some weeks of waiting, one more sleep and the fun begins!

There are actually a lot of festivals going on at the area now but this festival is quite special since it is called the German-American Volksfest. It is held every year in one of the US bases here in Bavaria, Germany. One of the reasons why I love going to such kind of festival is to experience and hear live shows like live bands playing on stage. (more…)


Time to Go Out and Have Fun with Friends in Germany

Hello spring season! My happy hormones are back again! I am so thankful that spring is finally here. This means that the weather is getting friendlier day by day. I am hoping that sub-zero temperature will not go back anymore.

How was your first days of the second quarter of the year 2016? I hope everything is starting great. I am doing good so far. There are things that makes me so busy especially that I am working full time now. I am glad that I still have to check online sometimes. (more…)


Fasching or Carnival Season is also a Musical Season

Hey folks! How’s your weekend currently going on? I hope  January is  good to all of you. As for me, so far this month is doing fine. I only seem not to feel good since yesterday until today due to some headache and stomachache. I am feeling better now and I hope to go to bed as soon as I can.

Fasching or carnival season is here! I am actually deciding whether to go to Venice, Italy to witness their famous carnival. I still have time to decide until next week..I will see. (more…)


Having Fun Visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany

Christmas is around the corner! Are you ready for it? I hope so! I guess, I am! I am glad that the Christmas decors were finally done in the cozy home. I started putting the decorations last month because I know that I will be very busy for December. Yes, indeed I am very busy these days.

It was a very cold and snowy afternoon when we visited the Christmas market in Bamberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany but we had so much fun there.

Are you visiting Germany this month? I highly recommend you to visit the Christmas market that is currently going on wherever you are in Germany. Whether you are in Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Baden Wurttemberg, Hesse or any regions and cities in the country, you can experience the exciting and beautiful Christmas markets everywhere. (more…)


Holiday Season is Shopping Season!

Hi folks! I am back here. I can’t imagine that holiday season is just around the corner. Today is the beginning of the last month of the year and I hope it is starting  fine for all of you out there.

So far, so good for me. I just started a new job and I am very sure, I am loving it. My new boss told me this morning that when I walked out the door after my interview, the other month, I am his choice for the position due to the way I answered the questions during the interview.  I was happy to hear that and seems like an inspiration to me. (more…)


Missed the Fun in Oktoberfest This Year

Hello October! Cold autumn is finally here! How are you doing guys especially during the start of the month? It is getting cold in our area in Germany. I guess, it is all over Germany especially that autumn season is almost here. It is getting colder everyday, which means it is time to slowly turn-on the heater. So far, I am doing good and I can’t wait for the next travels to commence this week.

Oktoberfest is over now. I miss the fun and entertainment in this festival. Today, I heard over the news over the radio that there were less people who visited the world’s biggest fair compared to the past years. There were only 5.9 million of people who were there. It is my fault because I did not! Just kidding folks. Anyway, I am always busy and besides my full time job hindered me from going there. (more…)



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